Our expertise is based on numerous projects for companies and institutional clients. Over the years, we have built a unique domain knowledge that makes us much more than a service’s supplier.

We prioritize close dialogue, and get involved to ensure that you get the best possible solution. We assist with professional project management, support and offer integration with existing solutions.

Effective project management processes and tools are integral to timely and cost-efficient execution, to safeguard the investment, and to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes. Standardization of project management processes across an organization actively support, which implementation of entrusted projects.

Timely independent project reviews and QSHE awareness will provide an objective assessment of project progress, evaluate the accuracy of reporting, review the project organization and its robustness to manage the project, and evaluate the effectiveness of risk management and risk treatment plans.

MAG Offshore can take on direct responsibility by providing the surveys resources and therefore provided data acquisition, processing, interpretation and delivery aspects of projects to the highest standards and quality what effect will be a requisition of EIA decision.

Today’s decisions build tomorrow’s reality.
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MAG Offshore sp. z o.o. 15, Tadeusza Wendy str. 81-341 Gdynia (Poland) NIP/VAT PL5860102122

33A, Oliwska str. 80-536 Gdańsk

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