Our expertise is based on numerous projects for companies and institutional clients. Over the years, we have built a unique domain knowledge that makes us much more than a service’s supplier.

We prioritize close dialogue, and get involved to ensure that you get the best possible solution. We assist with professional project management, support and offer integration with existing solutions.

Effective project management processes and tools are integral to timely and cost-efficient execution, to safeguard the investment, and to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes. Standardization of project management processes across an organization actively support, which implementation of entrusted projects.

Timely independent project reviews and QSHE awareness will provide an objective assessment of project progress, evaluate the accuracy of reporting, review the project organization and its robustness to manage the project, and evaluate the effectiveness of risk management and risk treatment plans.

MAG Offshore can take on direct responsibility by providing the surveys resources and therefore provided data acquisition, processing, interpretation and delivery aspects of projects to the highest standards and quality what effect will be a requisition of EIA decision.

Project Management

MAG OFFSHORE offer valuable resources that enable our clients to identify and develop the scope to be accomplished on a project.

Our experts are highly experienced in overseeing preparing technical specifications, assisting with estimating costs, and budgeting and tracking progress for milestone.

Additionally, MAG OFFSHORE provide additional expert consulting on an as-needed basis and serve as a broad partner network to other specialized needs.

MAG OFFSHORE comprises a highly specialized and experienced team in the support for the maritime and energy industry. Working with us involves meeting people you can trust, a reliable firm and reliable services.

Our in-house expertise is available to handle all aspects within the industry by interdisciplinary structure and high adaptability from for. e.g. preplanning, HIRA/HAZOP, conducting operations to final delivery and feedback after finishing project.

By close cooperation with clients and societies, MAG OFFSHORE offer services and skilled personnel within a wide range of multidisciplinary tasks.


MAG OFFSHORE has a deep understanding of the technical, commercial, and operational challenges presented by O&M/MMC. MAG OFFSHORE experience is available to support companies developing, constructing, and operating offshore wind projects.

MAG OFFSHORE offers a range of offshore services including long term O&M as well as standalone services.

MAG OFFSHORE offer a full pre-operations and O&M delivery capability for new projects, supporting the full project lifecycle from concept design through to transition into operations.

Pre-Operations and O&M activities can be delivered on behalf of the project’s principal contractor to provide the intelligence to ensure end user requirements are fully met.

MAG OFFSHORE are working as part of a team on subcontract basis to a specified scope or to assume responsibility for the full Pre-Operations function of a given project.
Our O&M and MCC centers will cover fully operational plants, system upgrades, new build project facilities and decommissioning activities. We work closely with stakeholder groups including: engineering, operations, maintenance, design, pre-ops and project teams.

We have a plenty of knowledge and can support you with site selection, consenting, concept selection, FEED, detailed design, procurement and construction. MAG OFFSHORE can provide consultancy services to support and resolve particular technical challenges.

MAG OFFSHORE will work with you to determine the best option to improve the performance and maximize the value of your project.
Services provided as part of O&M/MCC:

  • Subsea Cable Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Subsea inspection
  • Crew Transfer services
  • Metocean and Wavebuoy deployment (LiDAR)
  • Survey investigation, including Geophysical and Geotechnical survey seabed
  • Inspection services
  • Statutory lifting and pressure equipment inspections
  • System inspection and maintenance
  • Cable route investigation seabed preparation
  • Ad hoc vessel requirements for assistance, deliveries etc.

Check our service ports in Darłowo, Ustka, Łeba and Władysławowo. Coming soon.

Marine Surveys

MAG OFFSHORE is an experienced professional team, providing support and expertise for all types of marine surveys.

Prior to any project planning activity, there are a number of important issues that must be resolved.

Working with clients throughout across Europe to many other locations, we offer a wide array of specialist support services to ship, operators, shipyards and the renewable energy sectors – especially offshore wind sector.

Consulting and Strategic Advisory

OWF projects require specialist knowledge, commitment and experts in many fields.

MAG OFFSHORE help investors and developers solve complex technical problems, through real solutions for marine sector.
Strategic Advisory and Consulting leverage deep, sector-specific expertise, the experience gained through hundreds of client engagements and unparalleled data and technology to holistically diagnose opportunities to enhance the value of the project.

MAG OFFSHORE support clients to successfully deliver offshore wind projects.

Company realize projects by advanced economic and geospatial analytics for offshore wind developers and investors. Provide highly expertise working packages relevant to the business case preparation supporting projects, on identifying the most suitable technical concept as per the corresponding site conditions, local market conditions (e.g., localization requirements).

We offer strategic advice in a varied range of assignments, covering but not limited to supporting our clients in shaping winning strategies for auction processes or in major offshore investment projects.

Wind farm technicians

WIND FARM TECHNICIANS team of personnel able to support offshore wind farm operations, fully trained (including GWO sea survival, fire awareness, manual handling, first aid, working at heights, electrical, hydraulical, mechanical) to meet safety standards and technical requirements.

EXPERIENCE participation in projects allowed us to create a team of dozen professionals with certain qualification and knowledge able to share their experience fit for Client needs.

OFFER MAG Offshore provide a wide range of services related to inspection, maintenance and repair of wind farm structures. Our teams of technician are ready to deliver services all around the world.

Rope Access

MAG OFFSHORE have extensive experience in offshore and onshore rope access services. Our services cover all lifecycle phases from planning and design through to development and construction as well as commissioning, maintenance, modification and decommissioning.

We provide integrated solutions combining expertise in multidisciplined maintenance, inspection to support the energy sector, with a clear and firm commitment to offshore and onshore sector.

MAG OFFSHORE highly qualified rope access technicians supports customers in the renewable industry.

The main advantage of using rope access is the speed in which workers can get to and from difficult locations to carry out work. This means that there is minimal impact to other operations nearby.

Our Rope Access technicians provide low cost and highly effective maintenance and repair services for wind turbine, including:

• Internal and external inspection

• Internal and external cleaning

• Laminate and coating repair

• Tower flange sealing

• Dent removal and coating repair

• Repair and installation of blade protection

• Inspection and installation of lightning protection systems

MAG OFFSHORE has the credentials and qualifications as a company to give you the confidence and backing you need to handle any project, big or small.

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