MAG OFFSHORE is present in the Offshore and Energy sectors providing efficient, safe and reliable solutions. Our sea-proven solutions are already in operation all over the Baltic Sea region, and tomorrow on offshore wind farms. MAG OFFSHORE is a leader for the especially in marine survey project management related to: geophysical research, geotechnical, geochemistry, hydrochemistry, zoobenthos, phytobenthos, ichtyofauna, bats and birds monitoring, marine mammals, acoustic monitoring, hydrology, meteorology – related to the development of OWF.

HYDROMAG 1 is dedicated to comply with the high standards of the Offshore and Energy industry for reliability and safety, providing cost-effective solutions to offshore industry and research institution. MAG OFFSHORE also developed innovative and ready solutions for the Marine Renewable Energy sector, considering the specificities of this new emerging market. Based on its strong experience and commitment to research and technology, MAG OFFSHORE offers research vessel HYDROMAG 1 fitting with all kinds of offshore activities. From survey to installation, and maintenance to cargo or personal transportation or environmental monitoring.

With vessel structure, we can propose configurations and adapt our designs of equipment to your projects. HYDROMAG 1 sea keeping capabilities allows you optimizing your operability by increasing the sea conditions where you can operate. Exceptional maneuverability and station keeping characteristics make them the ideal Wind Farm Vessel for any services during offshore wind farm operations. We also pay special attention to the safety and operation, we are certified by DNV with ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and 45001:2018 standards.

HYDRO MAG 1 is capable to transfer 8 passengers + 2 Crew members. She is equipped with side pole for Echosounders or other survey equipment and A-Frame with a load capacity of up to 500 kilograms. A-Frame at the stern, can lower various measuring equipment into the water, for example to provide geophysical seabed research with the use of sonar or multibeam echo sounder, water column parameters by CTD or bathometer, or geological research within surface sediments or cores.

HYDROMAG 1 is a small nearshore survey catamaran vessel adapted to your operational requirements.

HYDROMAG 1 participated in the work of, inter alia, in the construction of the Baltic Pipe and research necessary to obtain environmental decisions for offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, incl. B&C Wind, Baltic Power, Bałtyk II, Bałtyk III, Baltica2 and Baltica3.



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