Project Management

MAG OFFSHORE offer valuable resources that enable our clients to identify and develop the scope to be accomplished on a project.

Our experts are highly experienced in overseeing preparing technical specifications, assisting with estimating costs, and budgeting and tracking progress for milestone.

Additionally, MAG OFFSHORE provide additional expert consulting on an as-needed basis and serve as a broad partner network to other specialized needs.

MAG OFFSHORE comprises a highly specialized and experienced team in the support for the maritime and energy industry. Working with us involves meeting people you can trust, a reliable firm and reliable services.

Our in-house expertise is available to handle all aspects within the industry by interdisciplinary structure and high adaptability from for. e.g. preplanning, HIRA/HAZOP, conducting operations to final delivery and feedback after finishing project.

By close cooperation with clients and societies, MAG OFFSHORE offer services and skilled personnel within a wide range of multidisciplinary tasks.

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